Referee Training

PHMSA has some great referee training opportunities coming up.

  • Referee Update Class Schedules  With the PDI changes this year in particular, we really, really need our referees to tune it, pay attention and attend a session, Dates will be Wednesday, Aug  30 and Thursday, Sep 7, both from 7-9 p.m. in the Soroptimist room at the Pleasant Hill Community Center. Registration info will come in an a future email.
  • Training Opportunities for new and upgrading referees.
    • AYSO Referee Training  We have introduced a new, all day Regional class to complement our normal two-evening version, as well as a partially online version suitable for volunteers with significant soccer experience.  Please see this overview of the new options.

      Here is an even more brief summary of PHMSA’s training schedule:

      • One Day Version: Aug 26, 8 AM-5 PM, Contra Costa Christian
      • Two Day Version: Classroom session, Aug 16, 6-10 PM, Pleasant Hill Community Center; Field Session on either Aug 19, 8-12 AM, Contra Costa Christian or Aug 26, 1-5 PM, Contra Costa Christian
      • Online Companion: Register, then complete the online version yourself, then Field Session on either Aug 19, 8-12 AM, Contra Costa Christian or Aug 26, 1-5 PM, Contra Costa Christian
    • Registration for the course is through a new website AYSOU. Once you’ve logged in, select “Live Courses” and click on the date of the course you want to register for. Select “Sessions” next to the version of the course you want and then “Register”. Use the search function on your browser to find the PHMSA courses.
    • Concord AYSO Regional Courses  Our sister region is also offering regional referee courses, you can find them by searching for Concord at AYSOU, and the schedule is as follows:
      • Session 1  August 7, 5:30 PM – 9:15 PM – Concord Bible Church; Aug 10, 5:30 PM – 9:15 PM – Concord Bible Church; then Aug 12, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Concord Bible Church
      • Session 2  August 14, 5:30 PM – 9:15 PM – Concord Bible Church; Aug 17, 5:30 PM – 9:15 PM – Concord Bible Church; then Aug 19, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM  Concord Bible Church

    • USSF Referee Training  Interplay teams, PHMSA’s most competitive level of play, will continue to play in the CCSL club league this fall, and PHMSA will be providing paid USSF referee opportunities. Heritage Soccer Club is offering a Grade 8 class on Aug 26 and 27, please contact Loren Irwin if you would like to register.


USSF Player Development Initiatives Adopted by AYSO and PHMSA

New for Fall 2017: USSF Player Development Initiatives

AYSO, as a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), is implementing a number of important player initiatives for the first time in the fall of 2017. These changes include:

  • Move to birth-year registration
  • Revised small sided games guidelines for 12U and under
  • Introduction of the Build Out Line for 10U

A great many guidelines have changed, and there is much to learn to make sense of it. The material linked below will help you make sense of the changes.

Coaches: Equipment Handout Signup

Fall season is nearly here, and we need volunteers to help with equipment distribution. This is the first VPS Volunteer opportunity for your team families, please forward the signup request to your families ASAP. In the next few days, an email will go out to all coaches with a more detailsed coaches manual, including team VPS requirements.  Please remember that you will need to identify two referee volunteers on your form before you can pick up your uniforms and team equipment, so plan to meet with your team accordingly!

At a later date, all volunteers, including volunteers for this event, will receive an email giving them an opportunity to affiliate with one or more team to receive credit for their volunteer activity. Please remind them that their email address is what we will use to link them to teams for credit, so they should sign up with the main email address they intend to
use for all PHMSA communications.

Here is the link to sign up to volunteer, it has all of the dates, times and directions to the soccer locker in the signup form. Please forward to your team ASAP.

Link to Signup Form