PHMSA Fall Season

Fall Registration is officially open.

What do I do to Register?

To register go to and hit the register now button, as said in the previous email you will need to fill in all your info again. The upside is you can now pay online, Early bird cost is $127.50 until July 1st and then increases to $177.50. Keep in mind National adds on the $17.50 player fee at checkout. In order to get the discount you need to check the box at the bottom of the page on step 3 of the process.

Early Registration fees are $127.50* per player before July 1st 2017.
Registration after July 1st 2017 is $177.50*..

*Note: National adds on the $17.50 player fee at checkout.

In person Registration is on the following dates:

When and Where:
In person registration dates are late April early May.

Tuesday April 25th 2017, time 7 to 9
Thursday May  4th 2017, time 7 to 9

2017 In-Person Registration Location

Pleasant Hill Community Center
320 Civic Dr,
Pleasant Hill, California, USA, 94523

Signup to Coach

Register as a Coach

 2017 Age Divisions

Important Updates this Fall for Age Divisions:
US Soccer has instituted Birth Year registration. AYSO has adopted this starting with the MY2017
membership year (8/1/2017 – 7/31/2018) along with the new Division naming convention ##U verses
U##. (The “U” means under)

What this means to you: All players born between 1/1 and 7/31 will see no change in their progression within the divisions. Those born between 8/1 and 12/31 will move up one “rung” in the division ladder this year only. All that has happened is that the 2-year window we use for most divisions has slid back by 5 months.

For more information see our explanation sheet or details can be found on AYSO’s Site for birth year registration.

Age Guide for 2017 Membership Year
Birth Year Division
1999 – 2003 19U
2000 18U*
2001 17U*
2002 16U*
2003 15U*
2004 & 2005 14U (& 13U)
2006 & 2007 12U (& 11U)
2008 & 2009 10U (& 9U)
2010 & 2011 8U (& 7U)
2012 6U
2013 5U

*Traditionally PHMSA and Area 2C has combined U19-U15 to create competitive and more teams that can compete fairly with the other regions.

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Siblings in the same division may be placed together on the same team. Since it is not always clear which children are siblings,
it is important for parents of siblings to request that the siblings be placed together by submitting a Sibling Form.
Siblings include brothers, sisters, half-brothers, half-sisters, step-brothers and step-sisters playing in the same division. Cousins are not siblings.

No “playing up” or “playing down” (playing outside your age group) is permitted for the purpose of buddying.

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U19, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8, AND U6 DIVISIONS

While friends may randomly end up on the same team, special requests to play on the same team with a friend will not be honored. The only exception is for siblings in the same division. We cannot honor “buddy requests” since we strive for Balanced Teams, one of AYSO’s Six Philosophies.

In these divisions, players are assigned to teams by a computer algorithm designed to balance teams in terms of ability, age, and experience as far as possible.

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The 5U Division or Schoolyard was introduced by the National League to incorporate a program for 4-5 year old children interested in learning about soccer. Our Program here in PHMSA is to introduce AYSO recreational youth soccer to 4-5 year olds and parents in a fun, interactive, and safe environment which we call “Preschool United”. This Age Division is identical in all aspects to other Age Divisions U6-U19 with the exception that no permanent teams are formed. All players receive a uniform, participate in Picture Day, and receive an trophy at our end of season festival.

Like all of AYSO, Division Staff is composed of Volunteers (1 Coordinator, 2 or More Volunteer Coaches per Session, and 4 Session Coordinators. The Division is split into Four 1 hour Training Sessions on Sunday which are run by our Volunteer Coaches in Partnership with Professional Coaches from UK Soccer Camps, and composed of approx. 35-40. Each training comprises a 20 minute section on basic skills, comprising a drill performed by the players, and an interactive drill with players and a parent. At the end of each session the players will be sorted into teams and will play a short sided game.

Player Expectations:

  1. Wear Uniform (Jersey, Shorts, Socks, Shinguards, Appropriate Shoes (cleats are optional).
  2. Bring ball (Each player who is registered in the U5 Division will be provided a ball which they can keep, please allow your child to decorate their ball to make it unique) to every Training Session.
  3. Bring water to every Every Training Session.
  4. Be Safe, Have Fun!

Parent Expectations:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Come prepared (physically, mentally, and appropriately dressed) to learn and play with your child.
  3. Project a positive attitude toward everyone.
  4. Cheer every child as if they are your own.

Any Questions can be answered by contacting the U5 Division Coordinator at

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  1. When will the season start?
    Except for the U5 Division, we hope to have coaches assigned to teams by early June. Coaches will then contact players on their team to schedule a team meeting. Teams begin practicing for the Fall Season on August 1st. Games typically began on the Saturday after Labor Day and continue until mid-November. Teams in the Under-10 and older divisions may have play-off games after the regular season.U5 practices are jamboree style Sundays.
  2. Where are practices?
    Practices are usually held on week nights or on the weekend during the day before the season begins. The times and locations for practices are not generally available until July. The league cannot assign practice times until we receive field permits from the school districts and city park departments. The coaches will then work with their age division directors to find a practice time that works for them.
  3. My child has decided not to play or can’t play, how do I get a refund?
    All refund requests must be submitted in writing. The form can be downloaded from
    a. Refund form submitted on or before July 31st
    100% refund (except for $50 late fee if registration sent after May 7th)

    b. Refund form submitted on or before August 15th (and uniform returned)
    50% refund (except for $50 late fee if registration received after May 7th)

    c. Refund form submitted after August 15th
    0% refund

Last updated on April 25, 2017