The 2016 PHMSA Cup tournament will kick-off for the U10-U14 divisions starting 10/22-23 and run for three weekends ending 11/5-11/6.  Representatives from each division will be invited to participate in the Area 2C tournament 11/12-13 based upon their Cup performance.

The PHMSA Cup is a FIFA World Cup-style tournament that starts with a group/round robin round, followed by an elimination round. Results in the group/round robin round determine allocation and/or seeding for the elimination round.

2016PHMSACup Rules and Guidelines (396.0 KiB)

Complete schedules for each division will be distributed to coaches and posted on the site on Wednesday 11/17.  Referee sign-up will be available at that point via the normal ref scheduler links.

PHMSA Cup schedules for U-16 and above are organized and issued at the Area level and will be distributed when available by the corresponding division coordinators.

The U8 Division end of season festival is not a part of the PHMSA Cup and is organized directly with U8 coaches by the corresponding division coordinators.

REPORTING OF GAMES RESULTS: Coaches are asked to report each weekend’s game results by Sunday 6pm using the online game report form to ensure standings and schedules can be issued on a timely basis.

Last updated on October 19, 2016