Select Soccer

PHMSAs Select program follows the Fall Season (House) and eligible players are selected from the Under-10 age Division through the Under-19 Division. This is an opportunity for dedicated and driven players to improve their skills in a more competitive but still recreational environment. Typically teams are formed in late November after tryouts. Training sessions typically start in mid-December for U10 through U14 teams while teams, while high school players begin in mid-February after the high school soccer season is over. The Select program plays an inter-league schedule from January through mid-March in preparation for tournament play. Tournaments begin in March and may run as late as go as May or June depending on the tournaments selected by the coaches and the team.


A higher level of commitment is expected from both the players AND the parents who intend to participate in select.  Select is for enthusiastic and motivated players and parents. In order to achieve player development that is consistent will other regions and teams all players are expected to regularly attend training sessions, games and the tournaments. Parents are also expected to participate in making the select season a success, particularly each team is required to carry a minimum of 2 referees.  Teams that do not register referees or do not referee the required number of tournament games will either be wait-listed, bypassed for tournament play or will forfeit their referee deposit.  This will likely result in less tournaments played and a higher cost to the parents.

All eligible players (Under-10 and up) are encouraged to apply. Please note that to be eligible for the Select program a player must be enrolled in the current fall season or primary program and must have participated in at least 50% of their fall team games. Players can only participate in Select in the same division played in the prior fall season.

The number of teams formed in each division varies from year to year depending on the number of qualified coach applicants and number of eligible players.  As a general rule, there is typically 1 Select team for every 6-8 Fall Season teams per age division.  Select season teams travel more than fall teams, including but not limited to locations in Davis, Concord, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Pacifica, and Carson City Nevada. (This may vary from year to year).


The PHMSA 2016-17 Select Committee’s goal is to field evenly competitive and balanced teams. The Committee’s coach selection criterion focuses on player development and not the building of resumes for coaches.

To be considered a Select coach, a candidate must be:

  • Age certified or above (one level above strongly recommended)
  • Safe Haven Certified
  • Concussion Training Certified
  • In good standing with the league
  • A good ambassador for PHMSA and for the AYSO philosophies
  • Willing to work and support other coaches in your age division including any information regarding the draft.

Please note that coaching candidates are never to recruit or make promises to players or parents that they will be on a specific team or make a team in general. This will result in an instant disqualification of a coach’s candidacy. However, all coaches should encourage all players to tryout.

Coaches who want to apply for Select Team Must complete the coach application.


If a player is interested in participating in the Select Season the parent(s) or guardian should promptly complete the following online tryout application.  This data is distributed to each Select coach the day before each tryout.  Drop-in players are welcome to attend tryouts however, the league cannot guarantee timely or accurate player information is presented to all the coaches for walk-in players. With that said, players that are seriously interested in playing select should register on-line 24 Hrs in advance of the posted tryout dates using the form above.


LOCATION: Pleasant Oaks South


Sunday October 8, 2017

  • 10U   12:00pm  – 1:30pm 
  • 12U    2:00pm  – 3:30pm
  • 14U   4:00pm  – 5:30pm

Sunday October 15, 2017

  • 10U   12:00pm  – 1:30pm 
  • 12U    2:00pm  – 3:30pm
  • 14U   4:00pm  – 5:30pm

Sunday October 22, 2017

  • 10U   12:00pm  – 1:30pm 
  • 12U    2:00pm  – 3:30pm
  • 14U   4:00pm  – 5:30pm



Please bring the following Items for the tryouts:

1. Water, shin guards, cleats & sun screen.

2. U10 Parents & New Select Parents (must attend a 15 min briefing after tryouts begin)

The tryout times and locations will be confirmed to all Select applicants via email. Player ratings will be used to help adhere to the Balance Teams philosophy in every age division where there are more than two select teams.  In making their decisions, select coaches will typically not only consider a player’s soccer skills but may also factor their demonstrated sportsmanship, ability to be a team player, and commitment to fully participate in all team training sessions and games, and the parent’s commitment to be a referee.

Tryout FAQs:

  • Q: I cannot make the tryout dates/times.  How does that affect my child’s chances of getting on a Select team?
  • Answer: All players must attend at least one of the tryouts to be eligible for select. Select Coaches son/daughters shall attend a minimum of (2) two tryouts.  Injured players that can not participate in the tryouts must provide a medical waiver to the select coordinator prior to the tryout.  The league would like to see as many kids as possible at the tryouts so they can be evaluated with their “peers.”
  • Q: Can my child attend more than one try out date?
  • Answer: Yes – your child is encouraged to attend as many tryouts as offered.
  • Q: How long after the tryouts will I be notified if my child has been chosen to play Select?
  • Answer: Results will be available by November 30th. However, notification will not be made to those not selected in the initial draft due to the fact that in the past many players selected will choose not to participate and additional players will be added to the team.  Final notifications will be sent to all players by December 7th. If your child has not heard one way or another by this date please promptly contact

Player Drops

If the parent(s) or the player determines that select soccer is not for them after attending any of the tryouts it is critical that they communicate their intent to have their son/daughters name removed from the eligible pool of players. Complete the on-line Select Drop Request, if you have problems please contact Select at

The League cannot underscore the importance of communicating your intent to drop prior to team formation.  Failure to do so will have serious implications for team balancing and will negatively impact a teams performance for the entire season.



The 2018 Select player registration fees is $200.00.   This fee offsets the cost of uniform kits (two jerseys, shorts, socks and a personalized warm up jacket), field rental fees, and insurance. Tournament costs are in addition to the Select player registration fees.   Tournament registration costs vary per age division and run approximately $250 per player. Other incidental costs may include travel, food and lodging depending on the location of the tournament.

Travel & Tournaments

Before tournament play Select teams play a inter-league schedule and pick-up games in preparation for tournament play.  Inter-league games typically start in January and can run into March.  Parents should expect on average five weekends during which you will play away games, usually Davis being farthest.

All PHMSA Select teams will play in the local Area 2C Select tournament & in PHMSA’s Soccerfest Tournament.  In addition, to these tournaments teams typically play in two to three additional tournaments. The tournaments are usually chosen in consultation with the families of the players.  All tournament-related costs are separate and distinct from the Select program registration fee and are therefore the responsibility of each individual team.  Tournaments for the 2017 season are listed below.

2017 TOURNAMENT DATES – (subject to change/for general info only)

More information on AYSO approved Tournaments offered in Northern California visit:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: If I registered and paid fees to play select and need to withdraw can I get a refund? Answer:
 Select players are given four to six weeks to make a decision about playing. After registration a player may withdraw subject to the following deadlines (note: dates posted apply for the 2017 Season):

On or before January 1st = 100% of registration and tournament fees.

On or Before February 15th = 50% of tournament fees

After February 15th  = 0%

Last updated on October 4, 2017