Welcome to PHMSA Soccerfest 2017!

Tournament Dates are as follows:

Boy’s Weekend March 18-19, 2017

Check this site for the Boys Weekend Schedule: Soccerfest Boys Schedule

Girl’s Weekend April 1-2, 2017

Check this site for the Girls Weekend Schedule: Soccerfest Girls Schedule

The deadline to enter the tournament is February 18, 2017. Completed applications received  by that date will be given priority for acceptance into the tournament; 

To be considered complete, your application must include ALL of the following:

  1. Complete the online registration: 2017 Boys Soccerfest [Click Here to Register] or 2017 Girls Soccerfest [Click Here to Register]
  2. Complete the T-Shirt and hoodie order form: Order Form

  3. Complete the  Referee Form

  4. Mail your payment and team eAYSO Tournament Roster Form signed by your Regional Commissioner.

Roster  Notes:

  • An eAYSO Roster form must include the names of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach and be signed by your Regional Commissioner. Coach certifications and Coach Safe Haven may not be hand written on roster.
  • Roster changes will be allowed up until Team Check-in; after that, no roster changes. All roster changes must be approved by your Regional Commissioner.
  • Rosters must be comprised solely of players who were registered and played in the AYSO 2015 primary program.
  • Player roster limits are as follows:
    U-19/U-16 18 players max 11-v-11 play
    U-14 15 players max 11-v-11 play
    U-12 12 players max 9-v-9 play
    U-10 10 players max 7-v-7 play
  • The completed online Referee Form above
  • A single region check, for each team, for the total amount of the Team Entry Fee.
  • Team fees are:
Age Division Team Entry Fee
U-19/U-16 $650
U-14 $650
U-12 $650
U-10 $550

Send your completed application and regional check to:
Soccerfest Registrar
52 Golf Club Rd. #252
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Additional Files

Last updated on January 30, 2017