The Volunteer Points System (VPS)

The VPS Team Affiliation Form for Fall, 2016, will be release soon. Do not be alarmed, all volunteer activity, including pre-season, will received full VPS credit

PHMSA uses a Volunteer Points System (VPS) to track volunteer activities and help parents and coaches understand just how much effort is required to ensure the season runs smoothly. PHMSA, as part of AYSO, is an all-volunteer organization, and we need the help of everyone to have and maintain a successful program.

We expect that every PHMSA team from U6 to U19 will earn 55 points over the course of the season.  Because volunteering is so important, we use VPS points to recognize stellar performance, and also as a tie-breaker for tournaments at season’s end.  Points can be earned in a variety of ways; here are some of the most important:

Position or Task 2015 VPS Points
Be a Coach 10
Be an Assistant Coach 10
Officiate A Match (Per Match) 1
Attend Coach or Referee Training 5
Adopt a Field (details to be released later) 5
Volunteer for Registration Nights 1
Volunteer for Trophy Distribution 1
Volunteer for Equipment Handout and Return 1
PHMSA League/Board Participation 5

Volunteer Registration:

All volunteers must register their team affiliations using our Team Affiliation Form. You may register to affiliate with more than one team, any points you earn during the season will be split evenly across all teams that you affiliate with. You may also change your affiliation during the season, we will always use the most recent form entry. If you make changes to your affiliation after amassing a large number of points, please make sure you notify the coaches of any affected team as a courtesy

Earning VPS Points:

PHMSA volunteers will earn points for the most common volunteer activities. Division Coordinators and other members of PHMSA or other AYSO boards will receive 5 points each.

Volunteers for events such as equipment handout and registration night will earn VPS points by signing up on our Signup Genius pages. You must also use the Team Affiliation Form to let us know which teams should get credit.

Referees will earn VPS points for every match they are registered for in the PHMSA Referee Game Scheduling System as a referee, assistant referee or mentor. If you officiate a match that you weren’t signed up to do beforehand, you must use the Referee Game Verification System to ensure your game is recorded.

Parent Field Volunteers:
The biggest opportunity for families to volunteer will be for pre-game field setup and post-game field teardown.  Coaches and Referees are generally focused on your kids during that critical time, so we need leadership from others for our matches to be successful.

Although we do not formally track this form of volunteering, it is very important that you help out. Families not participating in coaching or officiating should expect to help by setting up and tearing down fields before and after matches.

Last updated on August 23, 2016